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In a world where multiculturalism is on the agenda and the mixture of styles and trends seems like an obligation, it is difficult to find proposals that are minimally different to the usual. One case is the music of ASSTRIO. Although starting as the typical trio of groove jazz with Hammond organ, guitar and drummer, as we can hear in their debut record As Soon As Possible (Errabal, 2004), little by little the group has been incorporating elements of diverse nature that make their music difficult to label, as they show in their Desplazamiento (K Indústria, 2007). This surprising element is what brought them to play in music festivals as diverse as Sonar, Senglar Rock, Jazz Terrassa or Cruïlla de Cultures in a single year. Their huge experience live is what makes ASSTRIO a group that people tend to remember.


genre: Electro-jazz

Arecio Smith: keyboards

Santi Careta: guitar

Santi Serratosa: drums


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