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The songs of MISHIMA are little but great stories of melancholy with pop melodies, electronic touches, rock trimmings and well cared for arrangements. Since their début in English, Lipstick Traces (2000), they have been finding a deep and warm sound, that has shaped their two last albums, sung completely in Catalan: Trucar a casa. Recollir les fotos. Pagar la multa (2005) and Set tota la vida (2007). Recently back from the recording studio of Paco Loco in Puerto de Santa María, MISHIMA return to the MMVV with a concert where for the first time we will be able to enjoy a handful of new themes from Ordre i aventura, title of what is to be the fifth album of the band from Barcelona.


genre: Pop

David Carabén: Voice and guitar
Marc Lloret: Keyboards
Dani Vega: Guitar
Dani Acedo: Bass
Òsacr D’Aneillo: Drums


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