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Show based on the poetry that current Catalan authors have directed at children. SAMFAINA DE COLORS has set it to music and interprets it with the help of scenic elements habitual in the company. Music and arm in arm verses to sing and to enchant. “De bracet is a show to make all children love poetry. Without shrillness, simple and imaginative it has the capacity to communicate feelings. And everything thanks to a sober and accurate production of some lovely, quality songs and some first-rate interpreters.” (Lola Casas, poet, 14 March 2009). “De bracet works with children. But I assure you that it also does with adults. Humour, fun, good voices, good music... A great time! And one more grain of sand in the aesthetic —and, therefore, human— education of our children.”
(Helena Vidal, poet, 17 March 2009).


genre: Music for children and adults

Mirna Vilasís: voice
Xavi Múrcia: voice and guitar


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