If Enrique Morentedevelopedmostwith NickLizard, it was withLos Planetas that this riskreachedanother type ofpopularity.Nowmembersof these twodistinguishedgroupsofindependent Spanishmusicjoin forces topay tribute to thesingerfrom Granada, one of theirmainmusical and vital influences. The best way todo this is toreinterprethis pieceswith the freedomwhichhe alwaysdefendedand for which he riskedsomuch.Morentehas anenormousrepertoireof songswith an extraordinarily richvariety. The impactthatthis performancemightprovokeinan audience thatknowsthe character,butunfortunately does not know the discography, will give rise to new forms ofexperiencingflamenco,pursuing agreater understandingof thispurestart of ours. Buy the tickets for this show by pressing here. 


genre: Southern psychedelic
Antonio Arias baix i veu
Jota guitarra i veu
Florent guitarra
Eric Jimenez bateria


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