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FLAVIO RODRÍGUEZ, from Barcelona by birth, has been linked to the soul, R&B and hip hop scenes for many years. Sounds very suggestive of funk and acid jazz roots have been part of his tradition from the beginning. On this occasion he presents us with a repertoire of themes from the previous album, a real media success with the public and the critics in his sector, together with new themes, a novelty of his new launch more pop inspired. The group of musicians has accompanied him since more than five years ago, which translates into a unique complicity when adapting the subjects of the live record on stage making the attendant public vibrate from beginning to end. With this band he sold out in the main halls all over the country.


genre: Pop - soul

Flavio Rodríguez: main voice
José Luís Guart: musical director and keyboards 
Jorge Carrasco: bass
Javier Veloso: dj Yoda
Pere Foved: drums
Diana Feria: chorus
Susana Abellán: chorus


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