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ORELHA Negra results from putting pieces of a puzzle together. In each piece we find the roots of black music, jazz, soul, funk, groove and hip-hop, and plenty of Portuguese culture represented by well-known musicians who are led to a common language. This music is a dialogue between the past filtered in a sampler and the present imagined by musicians, and so a loop taken from an album by Paulo de Carvalho can be detached from its source, take on a new life by repetition and be coordinated with the rest: scratch, bass, drums and keyboards. The capacity to transform their influences into a new and unique sound is their challenge. 


genre: Funk, soul, jazz, hip-hop
Cruz dj, escratxos
Ferrano bateria
Gomes Prodigy teclats, sintetitzadors i composició
Mira Professional veu i sàmplers, composició i sintetitzadors
Rebelo Jazz Bass baix i guitarra



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