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For the singer and composer DOTSCHY REINHARDT (resident in Berlin, Germany) the illustrious surname related to Django Reinhardt represents an opportunity to make the culture of the Sinti people known to the world. A convinced and proud Sinti, DOTSCHY interprets a great part of her repertoire in her maternal language, Romany. So far she has published two albums (Sprinkler Eyes in 2007 and Suni in 2009, both by Galileo) with her own themes and some classics like “Djangology” or “Last tango in Paris”. Both as singer in manouche jazz key, jive, country or author’s song, or as the best recognised spokeswoman in her town in Germany, DOTSCHY presents herself as a girl with clear ideas and a great future before her.


genre: Jazz / song

Dotschy Reinhardt : sining
Lancy Falta : guitar
Alexej Wagner : guitar
Armando Chuh : percussion
Scott White: double bass


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