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FRED I SON (finalists of the Sona 9 demos competition) have not stopped in recent months, and we have been able to see them in the Primavera Sound and Primavera Club festivals, in the 'demoscòpiques' festivals of the magazine Mondo Sonoro, in the popArb, in the Faraday... They now present their first record, Diu que no sap què vol (Sones 2010), an authentic treaty of illustrated and minimalist pop, produced by Cristian Pallejà (Nisei, Sedaiós), who is once again a member of the group.


name: FRED I SON
genre: indie, pop

Xavi Rosés veu i guitarra
Elisenda Daura veu i bateria
Xesc Cabot baix
Cristian Pallejà guitarra, trompeta i teclat


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