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MINE! are four young musicians who have dedicated their life to rock and want to continue doing it. It is their vocation. They were the winners of the Sona 9 2009 competition, in which more than 140 Catalan groups participated. After an earlier tour that brought them to stages of the size of the Palau de la Música, they are publishing their first official LP, Un brindis pel nen androide (Música Global, 2010), with painstaking production by Ricky Falkner (Sidonie, Standstill, Love of Lesbian). Their live performance is full of surprising melodies and great subjects like "Mudança", "Pastís" and "Els amics de la cigonya", in a show where they display a lot of energy. MINE! recognize influences of artists and groups that go from Frank Sinatra to My Bloody Valentine, and they have already been compared with mythical power pop bands of the 90s, like Jellyfish.


name: MINE!
genre: pop

Bernat veu, piano i guitarra
Albert veu, guitarra, harmònica i melòdica
Oriol baix, veu i violoncel
Ricky bateria, veu, percussions i guitarres


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