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The members of BIDET ERTZEAN have never been party to following trends or fashions. Joni, Karlos and Ima formed the group in 1998. Since then they have recorded a maxi and three LPs to become what they are now: a potent pop-rock band with the participation of guitarist Fran Iturbe. Right from the start Kaki Arkarazo has been the producer, technician and almost the fifth component of the group. In autumn 2004 they published the record Esan Bare (Gaztelupeko Hotsak) that they presented live with the keyboard player Joserra Senperena. From then on they have amply demonstrated that they are THE Basque pop group at the moment.


genre: pop-rock

Karlos Aranzegi bateria
Imanol Ubeda guitarra acústica i veu
Joni Ubeda baix i veus


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