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Mazoni is one of the maximum exponents of the catalan pop-rock new batch. Certifies it with " Euphoria 5 - Hope 0 ", his honester disc, nonconformist and sincere. In this game the ephemeral pleasure is imposed obsessively: " it is not enough with the happiness, we demand euphoria!? " Musically, Mazoni turns every song into a summary of the music of last decades, of the 60's up to the present time, with the rock's energy as a generator of catharsis, and a bet for the treatment of the rhythm with the collision of two drums that are central theme and driving force of the disc.


name: MAZONI
genre: Rock

Jaume Pla : Voice and guitar
Jordi Rudé : guitar and keyboards
Miquel Sospedra : Bass
Aleix Bou : drums
Toni Molina: electronic drums and percussion


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