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A sceptical life, a train full of tourists, a village youngster in the big city, Salvador Dalí and Gal•la, bad feeling, post-modernity, childhood cassettes, the radio, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Peret, Marc Ribot, Chet Baker or Guillermina Motta give meaning to a record completely free of prejudices. It is called Figaro, Figaro (Chesapik, 2010), and it is the VERY POMELO’s début. Sharpened guitars, clapping in time, a Hammond B3 losing equilibrium, a trumpet in the purest style of the 50s and the expressive voice of Xarim Arasté bring us a group out of context in the middle of a world turned completely upside down.


genre: punk, folk, blues

Xarim Arasté veu i guitarra
Edgar Ramentol guitarra
Santi Neves baix
Ricard Sohn orgue
Pol Font bateria
Pep Garau trompeta+


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