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URBANSWING SOUNDSYSTEM is a fresh show set up by Dierdra (ex-Ekova lead singer) and DJ Dee 'Nasty'. Dierdra’s amazing voice and presence is supported on stage by Asmae & Anouk. Them three stand on the front line to hold the beat. The three girls sing along spicy tunes in a jazzy mood, underlined by electro drumbeats and DJ Dee Nasty's hip-hop scratches. Starting from the 30/40’s swinging influences to Stax Soul music period mixed with a drop of Saint Germain’s French touch, URBANSWING SOUNDSYSTEM bridges over 75 years of music into a highly grooving live act.


genre: Electro hip-hop

Dierdre Dubois veu
Dee 'Nasty' dj
Christian Ricau màquines
Asmae Fedamani veus
Delphine Rocroy veus


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