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AMIR-JOHN HADDAD is a German multi-instrumentalist musician of Palestinian-Colombian origin who has been living in Spain for several years. He has toured worldwide playing the lute with Radio Tarifa, as well as collaborating in tours with a multitude of artists. He dominates the flamenco guitar, the Arab lute, the Greek bouzouki, the Turkish saz, the electric guitar, bass… His musical restlessness has led him to play different styles like funk, rock, flamenco or folk. With original production, From East to West takes us with diverse instruments through several sound landscapes of the Mediterranean. BUY THE TICKET FOR THIS PERFORMANCE PRESSING: Here


genre: world music

Amir-John Haddad llaüt àrab elèctric, saz turc elèctric, buzuqui grec, guitarra flamenca i guitarra elèctrica


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