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Risky musical proposal of ALEJANDRO MONSERRAT, with flamenco as his starting point and the influence of Arabic-Andalusia music, gnawas rhythms, Berber music, reggae and rap. He is accompanied by his new group AL-BA?DA, composed of Spanish and Moroccan musicians. This new project of ALEJANDRO MONSERRAT is based on its flamenco composition, the root of all the projects and in this work influenced especially by African sounds. A band formed by ten musicians from Aragon and Morocco meaning each territory contributes something that can add to the common project.   BUY THE TICKET FOR THIS PERFORMANCE PRESSING: Here


genre: Flamenco - Music from the Maghreb

Alejandro Monserrat guitarra
Nacho Estévez guitarra, ud àrab i dobro
Josué Barrés percussió
Israel Dual veu
Mohamed Bahry veu i guimbri
Mohamed Yassine ney oriental
Ali aï t baix elèctric
Ibrahim Terkemani bateria i percussió
Noelia Gracia violí
Carlota Benedí ball i percussió lleugera 



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