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In 360 llunes (DiscMedi, 2010) from the edition of his first record -Carme (1980)-, ENRIC HERNÀEZ has for the first time tried to take an anthological look at his repertoire. He has done it on a small scale, in a career of thirty years of rigorous creation of songs with a personal stamp, often far from trends and overdone ways. The result of this exercise is a collection of his most popular, totally updated and arranged themes in an acoustic format that is very far from the original versions, searching now for sounds of strings and wood, new dialogues between viols da gamba and electric guitars. The BarnaSants festival held the presentation of the new show, which was recorded live and which also includes unpublished themes and a version of "L’home estàtic" by Pau Riba interpreted with Gerard Quintana and Luigi Cabanach.


genre: Singer-songwriter

Enric Hernàez veu, guitarres clàssica i elèctrica i piano
Anna Casademunt viola de gamba
Galina Escobar viola de gamba
Mercè Serramalera veu
Cristina Fernández veu
Toni Cubedo contrabaix


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