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The KOCANI ORKESTAR is one of the best fanfare bands comprised of gypsies in the Balkans region, located between Serbia and Macedonia. Their style of music totally describes the character and the feel of the people of that region. This mixture of music is the raison d’être of these fanfare bands; their songs emanate from the traditional sounds and dances of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, but also contain fragrances of salsa and rumba and even of the music of India. Listening to this formation is extremely stimulating because the listener of their songs becomes an accomplice and confidant of their experiences and stories. It is suitable music for weddings, baptisms, communions, burials..., and it gathers what is in its essence a fanfare.


genre: Folk

Azizov Ajnur: voice
Demirov Djeladin: clarinet
Gaberov Turan: trumpet
Durmisev Redzai: baritone
Alimov Nijazi: baritone
Asanov Suad: tuba bass
Zejnelov Shukri: baritone
Stefanov Vinko: accordion
Juseinov Erdzan: percussion
Demirov Durak: saxo
Kanturski Nebi: trumpet



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