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TANGRAN presents the songs included in their début record, Desarrollo SOStenible (Av Records) in concert. With a fresh and personal style, the instrumentation takes on an outstanding role emulating the mythical folk-rock groups of the 70s. A trip that takes us to different latitudes; Cuba Brazil, Africa, Ireland, Spain... fusing different sound scenes (rock, Celtic, folk, ethnic, pop, Latin, bossa, funk, reggae) with a committed, vindicating and critical argument based on the climate change, immigration, social denunciation, apathy towards social problems and other more positive ones about the human condition and love.


genre: Fusion

Ana Jiménez veu

Cosme A. Tomé guitarres elèctriques, guitarres acústiques, flauta i veus

Jaime Sanguino acordió, percussió i veus

Jesús Jiménez teclats

Pedro Martín bateria i veus

Jesús Escribano baix elèctric


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