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With Evocación comes to us the very voice of one of the great talents of our country, the composer and trumpet player Raylnald Colom who has managed to conquer inertias and offer a true fusion of music, fruit of years of work in the world of jazz and flamenco. Raynald Colom manages to gather around Evocación the account of some songs to life, the sentiment of a sound, the vital force and creative impulse of improvisation. Constants that guide the inspiration of the musicians and that transmit the joy the return to music as an experience produces in the listener.


genre: Jazz - World

Raynald Colom: trumpet
Juan Gomez Chicuelo: guitar
Rosario Guerrero La Tremendita: andalusian folk song                                                                                        Gabriel Amargant: soprano saxo and tenor
Aruan Ortiz: piano
Matt Penman: double bass
Eric McPherson: drums
Roger Blavia: percussion


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