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The new proposal of LOLA BOU takes us to the most intimate and feminine places of sung poetry. An emotional experience expressed with the voice, surrounded by musical eclecticism and texts in Valencian, English and Spanish. The fusion in the same show of the impact and intensity of a concert pop-rock-folk music, with the delicacy and fragility of the music of the author. Women’s songs with a genuine social vision and a sharpened experience of sensations and taboo emotions, of acute losses and simple gains... Caresses and shouts of the voice, curious mixtures of sound styles, risky combinations of textures and vocal colours, scratches of the soul in solitude and an overdose of vital risk.


name: LOLA BOU
genre: Author's pop rock

Lola Bou: voice and keyboards
Oriol Grau: guitar
Xavier Albiñana: bass
Tico Porcar: drums


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