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On the road since 2002, OQUESTRADA sings Lisbon, but it is also a suburban band that knows Arrentela well, the arrival of the alentejanos and algarvíos, the philharmonics, the gypsy songs, the kuduro and the funaná, hard metal and Gothic. In Portugal the periphery, with its feet in the river Tajo and its sights on Africa, sings the world to the sound of an emigrant fado that desires to leave so as to return. Their record Tasca Beat (Jaro Medien GmbH, 2009)  is the result of a seven year odyssey on various stages, festivals of fame and summer dances, a Portuguese musical where rhythm and show converge.


genre: Traditional, alternative and fusion music


Marta Miranda veu
Jean Marc Pablo contrabaix
João Lima guitarra portuguesa, percussió i teclats
Zeto Feijão guitarra, veu i violí
Donatello Brida (o Marina Henriques) acordió i teclats
Sandro Manuel trombó


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