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The 2010 Italian revelation rockband NOBRAINO lands in Vic with its unique thrilling live performances to present their new album No USA! No UK (Marte Label). Since their concert at the MEI in Faenza (the biggest Italian fair dedicated to independent music labels), the NOBRAINO have come a long way,  and they are now considered as the best 2010 Italian emerging band. For this reason they received recognition from the RAI (Italian State Television) as Band of the Year during the famous TV programme "Parla con Me" (on Rai3 channel) as well as in the radio programme "Caterpillar" (on Radio2 station). Extremely energetic and entertaining on stage, so thousands of fans joined their shows.


genre: indie-rock

Kruger veu
Nestor guitarra
Bartok baix
Vix bateria
David Jr Barbatosta trompeta


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