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Precursors of the chaâbi-groove style, a mixture of urban and rural song, MAZAGAN have revolutionized the popular music of Morocco incorporating reggae, ragga, chaâbi, rock, Andalusia music, jazz, funk, zook, salsa... MAZAGAN is the image of the majority of Moroccan youth, who identify themselves with their musical and cultural heritage but who at the same time are permeable to all kinds of suggestions. Their first record convulsed the Moroccan musical scene, and their sound started to extend to other countries of the African continent and Europe. Their second work consolidated them as an obligatory reference group on the Moroccan scene, and they already now presenting the third.


genre: chaâbi-groove

Issam Kamal veu, guitarra, mandolina, lutar i composició
NabilAndalous Ouartassi bateria i veus
Amal Abdelhak teclat
Mohammed Hamam teclat i veus
Ghefara Belattar percussió
Bouhssine Foulane violí, ribab i veus
Adil Laaqissi baix
Ihssan Aquila tècnic


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