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On 31st July 1826 the teacher Gaietà Ripoll, the last victim of the Spanish Inquisition, was murdered in Valencia. The new record of this group from Pego took its title from this event, a work that does not speak about the past but about the present. The economic crisis, religious fundamentalism, consumerism, political corruption..., the old plagues are transformed into eleven songs and keep on creating a dark and up-to-date landscape, from where only a small light is seen at the end of the tunnel. LA GOSSA SORDA attacks again with the same mixture of styles as always: ska, reggae, folk, rock and hardcore. They maintain the idea of former pieces of work of giving each song what it demands without preconceived ideas about styles, and in parallel to the lyrics the forceful rhythms and distortions take on more prominence.


genre: ska/rock

Josep Nadal veu
Alexandre Seguí veu i dolçaina
Pere Joan Pons dolçaina i veus
Salvador Bolufer bateria
Arnau Giménez guitarra i veu
Jordi Martí baix
Edu Torrens percussió i veus
Joan Marc Pérez teclats
Ricard Ferrer trombó
Marcos Úbeda trombó
Jordi Pont trompeta


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