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Lletres d’aigua is presented in two formats: as a classical concert or with a show where different arts are interrelated, with projections (small shorts of some twenty or thirty seconds) that theatricalize some of the songs, recitals and touches of ballet. The basis of the show are the poems set to music by different authors from the zone of the river Ebre, the Priorat and the Camp de Tarragona, both contemporaries and those already disappeared (Artur Bladé, Gerard Vergés, Xavier Amorós, Andreu Carranza, Cinta Mulet, Manel Garcia Grau, Albert Guiu, Josep Amorós, Manel Ollé, Yannick Garcia...), as well as lyrics by JESUS FUSTÉ himself.


genre: Singer-songwriter

Ivan Sáez saxo
Toni Just guitarra
Natan Garcia contrabaix
Carles Brull bateria
Jesús Fusté piano i veu


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