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Carles Marigó

Inner Voice is a unique musical experience. CARLES MARIGÓ, the unclassifiable classical pianist, who trained at the ESMUC and in the prestigious Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, strips himself bare as a composer, sharing for the first time his voice. He converses with artificial intelligence in this show, and the result is not only music; it is an intimate conversation between piano, AI and the creative essence of CARLES MARIGÓ revealing a new dimension of human creativity in the digital age.    


stage: Teatre R. Montanyà - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 800 people)
day: September 19th 2024
hour: 14:00
price: * Accredited professionals

name: Carles Marigó
genre: Música clásica / Tecnología (IA)

Carlos Marigó: piano and keyboard




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