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Lucia Fumero

  Folklore is the new project of the composer, pianist and singer LUCIA FUMERO, which is the result of a process of research and investigation of her musical and personal roots and influences. The base of her universe is rooted in folklore and enriched by the knowledge acquired in languages like classical and jazz. LUCIA FUMERO is as interested in songs with vocals and lyrics as she is in instrumental music, and expresses herself with a unique personality and charisma.    


stage: Teatre R. Montanyà - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 800 people)
day: September 18th 2024
hour: 19:00
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name: Lucia Fumero
genre: Jazz / Canción / Folk / Músicas del mundo

Lucia Fumero: piano, vocals and compositions

Juan R. Berbín: drums and percussion

Martín Leiton: double bass



Musical collaborations:

Marcelino Bayer: saxophone

Fuensanta Méndez: double bass

Las de Barcelona (Magalí Datzira, Eva Fernández, Rita Payés)

Rita Payés: vocals

Salvador Sobral: vocals (Guest artist - Focus Portugal)

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