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Mikel Azpiroz

  MIKEL AZPIROZ presents his new album, Pake Pieza (Mamusik, 2024). Following in the footsteps of his previous albums -Gaua, Zuri and Islak-, he is releasing a collection of nine of his own compositions that lead the listener into an introspective and meditative state. MIKEL AZPIROZ's music creates a language that synthesizes a style rich in nuances, elegant in melodies, with notes that are never gratuitous: impressionism, exotic aromas from other lands including Basque, the squarest of blues, slight avant-garde wanderings...    


stage: Sala 3 J.Anglada - L'Atlàntida
day: September 20th 2024
hour: 23:00
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name: Mikel Azpiroz
genre: Jazz / Impresionismo


Mikel Azpiroz: piano

Fernando Neira: double bass

Karlos Arancegui: drums




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