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Gorka Urbizu

  GORKA URBIZU is a musician and producer from Navarre, among other things, known for his extensive work as a lyricist and composer fronting the rock band Berri Txarrak, of which he is a founding member as well as singer and guitarist. He has now released Hasiera Bat (A beginning) (Only in Dreams, 2024). It is his first album under his own name, released out of the blue, with no warning, and after several years of silence, which he has used to take his first steps in production.    


stage: Carpa L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 750 people)
day: September 19th 2024
hour: 22:00
price: Free

name: Gorka Urbizu
genre: Rock


Gorka: guitar and vocals

Mariana: drums

Juan: drums

Amaia: guitar

Jordi: bass guitar




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