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Joana Serrat

  Big Wave (Great Canyon Records, 2024), the sixth album by this singer-songwriter from Vic, moves boldly in a new direction with renewed strength. The sounds of the 1990s that formed part of Joana's early sound (from indie-rock to dream-pop and noise-rock) and the contemporary and experimental elements, drawing on Low's Hey What album and the profound, dark textures of Oneohtrix Point Never, shape her new compositions.    


stage: Plaça Major Vera
day: September 20th 2024
hour: 21:45
price: Free

name: Joana Serrat
genre: Pop-rock

Joana Serrat: vocals and guitar

Vidal Soler: guitar

Carla Serrat: keyboards and vocals

Ruben Alcázar: bass guitar and moog

Toni Serrat: drums



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