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Yexza Lara & Pablo Selnik

A seductive and intimate concert that takes us on an inner, emotional and evocative journey through the delicate union of vocals and the beauty of the songs, which make up a sound somewhere between acoustic rawness and pop-world sound goldsmithery. In addition to their new album, Como Ese Mar (Microscopio label, 2024), the MMVV premières the show entitled L’Esbarzer de l'alba.


stage: Sala 3 J.Anglada - L'Atlàntida
day: September 18th 2024
hour: 14:00
price: * Accredited professionals

name: Yexza Lara & Pablo Selnik
genre: World / Pop


Yexza Lara: vocals, piano and keyboards

Pablo Selnik: vocals, guitar and flute




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