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Fernanda Alemán

FERNANDA ALEMÁN is a musician and composer from Mendoza (Argentina) based in Barcelona. Throughout 2024 and 2025, she will be presenting her electro-dream-pop project live; a journey through hypnotic rhythms, mantric atmospheres of vocals, synthesizer loops, guitars and silences in the perfect places. Her music seems to transmit the serenity, rootedness, contained power and heights of the Andean mountains that have accompanied her all her life.    


stage: Jazz Cava  (Limited capacity: 100 people)
day: September 20th 2024
hour: 20:00
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name: Fernanda Alemán
genre: Synth pop / Electrónica


Fernanda Alemán: guitar, vocals and synthesizers

Carlio Juranccelli: synthesizers and bass guitar




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