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Els Amics de les Arts

  ELS AMICS DE LES ARTS say that by means of their songs they want to narrate their passage through life, but they do not realise they achieve something magical, which is to also narrate the life experiences of the audience that listens to them from the stands. With a unique ability to connect with their fans and a powerful repertoire, a concert by ELS AMICS DE LES ARTS is guarantee of a night to remember.    


stage: Plaça Major Vera
day: September 20th 2024
hour: 23:15
price: Free

name: Els Amics de les Arts
genre: Pop


Joan Enric Barceló: vocals and guitar

Ferran Piqué: vocals, guitar and bases

Dani Alegret: vocals and piano

Pol Cruells: bass

Ramon Aragall: drums




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