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La Barca

  LA BARCA set sail six years ago. In 2021, they released their first album, Materia Mestiza (self-published). In their second album, Verde mi Sangre, Rojo tus Hojas (self- published, 2023), the «I» is diluted into «we», enveloping beings more than humans, giving voice to bees, rivers, trees, birds, spiders, wolves, grass... taking us by the hand to recognise the beauty of beings and ecosystems. A defence of ecology through music.    


stage: Sala 3 J.Anglada - L'Atlàntida
day: September 19th 2024
hour: 23:15
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name: La Barca
genre: World music


Mili Vizcaíno: vocals

Rui Filipe: piano

Cristóbal Sánchez: drums and percussion




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