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Roba Estesa

  With De lo bo, lo millor (Halley Records, 2024), ROPA EXTENDIDA consolidate their change of sound towards pop. All without losing their roots of folk and the vindication of rights, while getting closer to everyday life in their lyrics. Their new album, which features collaborations with Antònia Font and Tremenda Jauría, is full of light and invites you to dance and put humour into life's problems.    


stage: El Sucre Estrella Damm
day: September 21st 2024
hour: 01:30
price: Free

name: Roba Estesa
genre: Pop


Gemma Polo: vocals

Xerach Peñate: drums

Claudia Garcia-Albea: violin

Lidia Rodriguez: keyboards

Helena Bantula: guitar

Anna Sardà: bass guitar

Laia Casanellas: guitar

Eiden Sanchez: sign language




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