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COR DE TEATRE show us the strength of the vocal instrument in all its registers. They interpret polyphonic and choral pieces of different styles and from different periods in the history of music, and the result is a fresh and dynamic show. Pop pieces by the Beatles, rock from the Rolling Stones or Jimmy Hendrix and also great classics like the opening of Mozart’s Magic Flute, can be heard interpreted only by the voice. An excellent opportunity to delve into the knowledge of the vocal instrument that is part of us. A show recommended for youngsters and those initiated in vocal polyphonic audition.BUY THE TICKET FOR THIS PERFORMANCE PRESSING: Here


genre: Musical teatre

Montse Baeza soprano
Mariona Callís soprano
Paula Costabella soprano
Ginesta Ferrer soprano
Anna Figueras soprano
Adriana Planagumà soprano
Natalia Nesterchuk soprano
Lali Figueras contralt
Gemma Fontbernat contralt
Iona Llagostera contralt
Rosa Rigau contralt
Mònica Vilà contralt
Carles Besalú tenor
Gerard Capdevila tenor
David Costa tenor
Loren Gómez tenor
Arcadi Juncosa tenor
Eduard Mas tenor
Pere Mateu Xiberta tenor
Lluís Coll baix
Lluíx Gratacós tenor
Jordi Plans tenor
Pere Quintana tenor
Joan Rigat tenor
Joan Vila tenor
David Costa direcció musical


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