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The Valencian singer-songwriter PAU ALABAJOS presents his second discographical work, Teoria del caos (Cambra Rècords, 2008), a collection of visceral songs, written from the guts. On this occasion a string quartet is added to the minimalist formation (acoustic guitar, violin and vocals) in order to enrich and reinforce the set of melodies of this repertoire. Ideal for closed scenic spaces (theatres, arts centres and auditoriums) for their delicacy of sound which demands the complicit silence of a patio of armchairs, squeezing to the utmost the emotional possibilities of some string arrangements that have been conceived expressly to be listened to with all five senses.


genre: Singer songwriter

Pau Alabajos: guitar and voice
Laura Navarro: first violin
Mireia Perez: second violin
Celia Cortés: viola
Cristina López: chelo


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