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COLOR HUMANO return to the stages with a new record that will be called Madiba (Kasba Music, 2010), which means water in Duala, the Guinean language. This formation arrived from Paris in 1995 and became a reference point of Barcelona mestizo for ten years. After releasing three records -Moskowa libre (1995) and Hambre de vida (1997) with Tralla Records and Burundanga (1999) with Edel Music- and touring the whole territory, they split up. In 2008 they got together for a solidarity concert and after a few concerts during 2009, outside the professional circuit, they have now come back with renewed force and loaded with energy to make old fans and their newest public dance.


genre: Fusió- Mestizaje- mestizo

Jose ‘El Kapel’ veu i guitarra
Francisco Guisado ‘Rubio’ guitarra
Stephane Laidet ‘Farmo’ harmònica i veus
Christian Raymond Callens ‘Kris’ baix
Pascal Leblond bateria
Franck Kypercu percussió i veus
Stephane Carteaux 'Stef' tècnic de so


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