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The Cape Verdean musician, BINO BARROS has been bassist and guitarist of great musicians from his homeland like Antero Simas, Ildo Lobo, Titina i Americo Brito. At the end of the nineties he emigrated to Holland where he founded the group FAISCA and later arrived in Barcelona, where he has recorded the record Praia Baxu (CVWM, 2010). BARROS uses Cape Verdean rhythms, little known in Europe, like the "batuku" or the "funana", heirs of a common African tradition with Brazil (where his arranger and percussionist Alan Sousa comes from). The lyrics speak of personal and social subjects with immigration as the background.


genre: World music

Bino Barros guitarra i veu

Alan Sousa percussions

Marcelo Cordoba guitarra

Bernat Guàrdia baix

Rodrigo Galvâo saxo, flauta i veus


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