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BETH presents Segueix-me el fil (Música Global, 2010), her first record in Catalan, recorded in the Blind Records studios in Barcelona and produced by Ricky Falkner. It is made up of twelve serene and mature songs, with an American folk sound with a motif, needlework, as the central argument. We find BETH speaking about sewing, doing crochet and embroidering. She has woven six of the songs herself with lyrics and music. In the other six she has let great authors accompany her, like Marc Parrot, Jaume Pla (Mazoni), Ismael Inarejos (Mel), Litus or Valen Nieto (Raydibaum). A new beginning for a singer who we already knew in Spanish and in English and who, finally, makes her début in her mother tongue. BUY THE TICKET FOR THIS PERFORMANCE PRESSING: Here


name: BETH
genre: pop-folk

Beth veu
Ricky Falkner baix
David Soler guitarres i pedal steel
Xavi Molero bateria
Pablo Garrido guitarres
Florenci Ferrer piano i teclats


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