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During more than 400 interventions, Acousteel Gang has wandered through thousands of streets, all of them different, all of them full of ordinary people, shoppers, festival goers, carnival followers... Its members have created their very own way of inhabiting this public space, they're gentle and wild, festive and friendly. The steel drum – coming from petrol industry and Trinidad people’s imagination - is their ally, a metallic and melodious drum straight from the Caribbean fires, with its unusual and powerful sound.


genre: Steel Band Gascony ( Trinidad, Carib)

Guillaume Thévenin Voice: megaphone / Bass drum
Stéphane Husson: tenor pan
Toto Terny: tenor pan
Arnaud Lacoste: tenor pan
Sylvain Capelli: bass pan
Titou Antoine: bass pan
Antoine Taquet: cello pan
Charly Berna: snare


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