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One of the most valuable manifestations of Jewish culture is Sephardic music, a meeting point between Castilian romance, the Jewish tradition and Andalusian musicality. A proof of their artistic category is the documented presence of Jewish musicians both in the Christian and Muslim courts of the medieval Sephardim. This reality ended with the Diaspora forced by the Catholic Monarchs, that took the Ladino songs all over the Mediterranean, from Fez to Istanbul, where they have stayed quite alive until recent times. It is this repertoire that these three musicians who have worked as a group since 2006 have recovered. In this brief period of time they have already recorded two records and they have captivated numerous publics with the freshness of their offer, the authenticity of their approach to a centenary repertoire and the modern personality of their interpretations and arrangements.


name: YARDÉM
genre: Sephardic song

Francisca López: voice
Pacoseco: guitar, percussions
Aolani Shirín: violin

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