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These four Argentinean musicians, who as long as they can remember have lived around music, now walk together in this project dedicated to the tango, but which also approaches other rhythms like the milonga or the chacarera. The adventure began in 2003 when Ana Piquer and Walter Lusarreta decided to form an artistic couple that in a short time became a trio with Pablo Frank's incorporation. In the end, looking for a warmer and more melodic sound, El Deschave became a quartet to find a niche for Sergio Menem's violoncello. Their interpretations above all seek to surprise the spectator, offering new chords and arrangements that connect the remarkable inheritance of the tango with the current moment. For this reason the group has chosen the word 'deschavar' (to explain something hidden producing surprise) to identify themselves.


genre: Tango

Walter Lusarreta: guitar
Sergio Menem: violoncello
Pablo Frank: bass
Ana Piquer: voice

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