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Omar Sosa «Afreecanos» Quintet & Jove Orquestra Athenea

  A production of:
X Festival of Religious and World Music of Girona
Auditori Palau de Congressos Foundation of Girona and the Market of Live Music of Vic
Composition: Omar Sosa
Director: Lluís Caballería
Arrangements/orchestration: Lluís Caballería and Omar Sosa Oda Africana is a work created by Omar Sosa that brings together the vocal and instrumental tradition of diverse parts of Africa, from a contemporary viewpoint, through the piano of Omar Sosa and the strings and wind instruments of the Jove Orquestra Athenea. The work has been composed fully by Omar Sosa, in close collaboration with Lluís Caballeria, who has made the orchestral arrangements and adaptations. This is a project of unquestionable artistic, cultural and social interest for diverse reasons, among others, the full premiere of a work that mixes African vocal and instrumental tradition with urban and current visions of jazz and contemporary classical music, and the participation of a young orchestra, with musicians specially chosen for the project, who have worked for 6 months under the tutorage of Omar Sosa and Lluís Caballeria, entering in direct contact with the African rhythmic and melodic richness. This represents a massive challenge in terms of training and an experience that will enable them to open up their musical field to other styles outside the classical world. We put young musicians side by side established artists. Omar Sosa himself, of Cuban origin, and his other musicians, from Senegal and Mozambique, are an excellent example of integration into the social and cultural life of this country and a clear example of the real possibilities of coexistence between different cultures through music.


name: Omar Sosa «Afreecanos» Quintet & Jove Orquestra Athenea
genre: Jazz/classic/world

Omar Sosa “Afreecanos” Quintet:

Omar Sosa: piano, Fender Rhodes
Childo Tomas: electric bass, kalimba
Mola Sylla: vocals, hand percussion
Marcos Ilukán: percussion
Leandro Saint Hill:flute, saxophone)

Jove Orquestra Athenea
Lluís Caballeria, director
Carles Puig, Sara Balasch, Natàlia Escalera, Quim Llimona, Mireia Rial, Gerard Fernández: first violins
Christian Torres, Alíssia Frolova, Laura Madrià, Mireia Puigmal, Gerard Valverde: second violins
Josep Bracero, Laura Bosch, Fina Izquierdo, Nina Sunyer: violas
Laura Roura, Anna Berruezo, Domènech Surroca: cellos
Joan Serinyà: double bass
Èlia Casals, Irene Ferrer: flute
Iñaki Vermeersch, Juncal Salada. first and second clarinet
Pau Valls,  Anna Ferriol: first and second trumpet
Vladimir Vilar: bass clarinet
Andreu Vilar: vibraphone


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