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The band was formed in 2007 when Giuliano Gius Cobelli and Giorgio Fausto Menossi met in Barcelona after having collaborated in Italy. In 2011 the two musicians made CHUPACONCHA their main project. CHUPACONCHA's music is a combination of rock, funk, psychedelia and jazz spirit. In their wild and uncontrolled live performances, Juice and Jordan face each other, and sampling a multitude of trumpet expressions create a solid groove that they after drive with a genuine and hypnotic attitude. Improvising and interacting with the public, they follow structures in each concert that keep changing into a true sound journey and collective experience they call hypnofunk. 


genre: Hypnofunk

Giuliano Gius Cobelli trompeta elèctrica
Giorgio Fausto Menossi bateria 


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