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Martín Códax da Música 2014 Award for best jazz and improvised music, SUMRRÁ is "the most innovative trio on the Spanish scene" (C. Querol). They are a group with one of the most solid and constant careers on the jazz scene, with wide international presence. From the beginning they captivated critics and audiences with jazz that was unclassifiable, melodic and very open; the originality of the compositions, the quality of the members and freshness of their live performance standing out. SUMRRÁ know nothing of fashion, labels or styles. Fifteen years have gone by since that happy meeting, which is a long time in the world of jazz, and the trio keeps reinventing itself. The Tomajazz website say of them "own compositions, compact sound, solid and seamless European and avant-garde jazz...".


name: SUMRRÁ
genre: Jazz
Manuel Gutiérrez: piano
Xacobe Martínez Antelo: dublebass
L.A.R. Legido: drum


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