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In the spring of 2008 more than 65.000 copies of the record Musiquetes per la Bressola were distributed, a project of support for the Bressola (Catalan lay schools of North Catalonia) where Núria Lozano (La Carrau) and Marc Serrats (Xerramequ Tiquis Miquis) revisited in modern key more than twenty children’s songs of traditional repertoire from all over the Catalan Countries. The success of the record, accompanied by the good reception of the website (where songs can be downloaded, pedagogic material can be accessed and contributions uploaded), has led to a new phase: a live show where the repertoire can be relived in an open, fun, pedagogic way and with Catalan accents from all over!


genre: Family

Núria Lozano: acordion and voice
Oriol Casas: percussions and electronic bases
Arnau Berenguer: guitars
Albert Vila: bass
Ramón Fernàndez: agitation and voices 


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