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ELECTRIC GOZARELA is a group from the outskirts of Barcelona, formed by musicians from different bands like Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Coetus, A Contrablues... who combine friendship and talent to afford a varied repertoire of boogaloo and Latin funk. Coming together in 2010, they became known in 2012 and were awarded with the recording of the EP Boogaloo? Oui, c'est moi by Cases de la Música de Catalunya. With stacks of concerts behind them, they are presenting their new album and performance, Come to El Barrio!, full of rogue lyrics but with the right dose of criticism and social consideration.


genre: Boogaloo and latin-funk

Dani Txarnegö: veu
Angelo Manhenzane: percussió
Enric Vilalta: guitarra
Oriol Pidelaserra: teclats
Joan Vigo: baix
Martí Hosta: bateria
Jaume Torné: trompeta
Oscar Bas: trombó
Dani Alarcón: veus


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