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This formation of ten musicians combines the presence of the double-reed, the warmth of the brass, the force and vibration of the skins and other instrumental variants to make up a show with a peculiar sound and aftertaste of Mediterranean fanfare. Arrangements of popular themes and singer-songwriter themes, combinations of ancestral sound with other more modern ones, surprising choreographies and costumes, the participation of the public... are some of the ingredients of this new exciting and refreshing brew: Banda Xarop. The traits characterising XAROP DE CANYA are not lacking either: the search for new ways of expression and interaction with the public, together with the recovery of the Catalan tradition and close atmospheres.


genre: Mediterranean fanfare

Pau Domènech saxo soprano
Emili Legaz gralla
Pau Puig dolçaina en Fa
Marc Ruescas trombó
Tito Canseco trombó
Carles Estruch tuba
Josep Lafuente caixa
Jordi Torruella djembé
David Farran bombo i percussió
Lluís Molas percussió


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