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Rhythms of coming and going are a constant in many traditions, since the forced displacements of people have been numerous throughout history. It is not strange then that KODJO SENYO, Togolese from Lomé, thinks the traditional songs of the Ewe people he grew up with since he was little are not too far from the blues and jazz he discovered in his youth. It is this connection that forms the starting point of the proposal that SENYO began in his land and now develops from the Empordà. As he has always done, he sings in his mother tongue of friendship, love and hope - fundamental values in the culture of his ancestors. But now his songs have a more urban aftertaste since they are connected with the blues, folk, jazz and afropop. With his proposal we come closer to the contemporary sound of the music of African youths


genre: New african song

Kodjo Senyo. voice, guitar
Alex Carbonell: keyboards
Lluís Subiranas: double bass
Martin Probst: drums

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